without any coding effort.


– Get your Testing Setup in 3 steps only –

Discover software changes without any coding.

All relevant changes of your new software update will be highlighted for you. The fastest way to identify bugs and have an overview of all features that will be rolled out. 

Highlighted areas of all changes

Overview of all you upcoming features

The fastest way to identify bugs

& get a lifetime access (100 customers only)

Focus on Innovation,
Find Bugs before GoLive.

Bugs are a waste of your programmers time.

Bugzoo enables you as the project manager to test your product without any coding.

All your product updates are automatically checked and Bugzoo shows you all changes incl. potential bugs.

Always Aware of

All Changes

See all changes deployed to staging

Select coverage in customer journey map

Easy recording of the customer journey

& get a lifetime access (100 customers only)

Simply record the customer journey you want to monitor. 

With the chrome extension Bugzoo you can just record the pages you want to have tracked. Even if it shows dynamic content Bugzoo will understand it. 

& get a lifetime access (100 customers only)

No Coding Skills needed

Finding bugs without any clue about code is always manually & feels like it happens by chance. With Bugzoo you structure & automate your testing.

See Software Changes

Just define the user journey map you want to compare with your previous version & Bugzoo shows you all changes. The fastest way to detect changes & bugs.

User-Centric Testing

Test automatically like the user would do. It’s about the outcome of the code, that’s why we focus on the visual changes.

& get a lifetime access (100 customers only)

Lifetime-Option for Beta Users

We are currently running a special deal for our first 100 Customers,
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Easy Start with Bugzoo-Plugin

Just download the Bugzoo chrome-extension to prevent your future releases from bugs.

How to use Bugzoo


Save the customer journey map in Bugzoo (one click)


Deploy your new code to the staging


Detect all changes with Bugzoo

All Web-Apps

Easy Bugfinding

Journey Map

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How we test frontend & backend

The new approach to find the relevant changes: About test data creation, testing integrations & finding bugs.

Your previous software version is always the baseline that Bugzoo compares to your new software update.

To make sure the changes do not come from different data of the database, Bugzoo simulates the same data that was used before.

Detect the changes of your future software updates & record your baseline now!

Who we are..

Passionate about fast software innovation (without bugs)

Frederik Fix:
“As a former CTO it felt horrible to shift my focus from software innovation to fixing bugs & maintaining the quality of the code. That’s why we enable every project manager to find bugs before they go live”.

Tobias Bode:
“As an online marketer with no clue about coding I became the first client of Bugzoo. I was positively shocked by the simple approach to find bugs. Bringing more people in contact with effortless testing as a CoFounder was the only option for me.”

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& get a lifetime access (100 customers only)